The Ambulance Staff Dashboard Stick-on Hero


TASC are delighted to be in partnership with Colour My World to bring our supporters your very own ambulance hero to stick on your dashboard or windowsill.   10% from each key ring sold comes to TASC!



10% from each one sold comes to TASC!


These are ready to be shipped within 3 working days. These cannot be customised. The hair colour is light brown and it cannot be changed. If you are looking for a fully customised option, then please go to our Personalised listing where you can fully customise your doll to resemble the recipient. They come with a round double sided sticky pad for easy application. * please note that this product is hand-painted and will naturally have variations and may differ slightly, have little imperfections. We think it only adds to the charm and makes each one unique. Our packaging is simplistic and natural, but smart at the same time and makes the product a perfect gift. No extra wrapping is needed, no plastics are used and it’s kinder to the environment. All our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

65 tall 32mm base diameter

Processing time

Please note allow 7 -10 working days for delivery.